Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tonight I feel ambitious...

My wife and I were talking while we were driving to work today (not an uncommon thing to have happen), when I asked her if she ever had a desire to say that she had visited all 50 states. Turns out that she didn't really want to do it just to say that she'd done it, but it could be fun to see a band play in each state. We talked about it for the rest of the trip (and more on the way home) and decided to set a goal for ourselves:

To see a band play a show in each of the 50 states by the time I turn 40.

I'm 27 now, and my birthday is November 8th. The means that we have 12 years and 10 months to make this happen.

Some people may ask: why? The simple answer is that we think it will be fun. We love to travel, but it's not always easy to find a reason to go someplace. This is a good option that we'll both enjoy. And, to cover another obvious question, yes, we've already been to shows in Ohio, but we decided to start from scratch.

Every time we go to a show, we'll upload pictures and let everyone know what went down. Our first show is coming up here pretty soon and we're excited. I'll give another post about that in a bit.

One more thing: we're going to need some help from time to time. I'm not talking about anything financial--that would be ridiculous. The help we need comes in the form of opinions and feedback. See, we know nothing about the music scenes in, for example, Montana or Wyoming. If you spot this page and you've got info on some good local bands, let us know. We're planning on seeing some groups that have major tours, but if we like the sound of what you suggest, we'll hit up that group and give you the credit.

Hopefully this project will expand as time goes on and we'll get all kinds of cool widgets to let you know who, where, and when we've seen the bands we see. Mainly, we're doing this for fun. If you read this, we hope you enjoy our ride.


usacomp2k3 said...

If you can see Trans-Siberian-Orchestra at some point, their concerts are certainly worth going to

Anonymous said...

When it's time to come to Vermont make sure you schedule it around Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. With the demise of Phish, they're the only major-label act left in the state

Tracy said...

In response to the suggestions, I've added a Suggestion List to the sidebar. If there's a serious suggestion, I'll put it there and we'll see which acts stick.