Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New map, will update

It's been a while since I've updated anything here, but we've not been to a concert in a few months, so that stands to reason. However, I do have a new update here.

Follow this link and it will take you to a Google Map that I made that gives the locations and dates of the concerts that we've seen. I whipped this up early this morning, and will take some more time to update it more accurately with the actual locations and pics of the shows we've seen (if we have them). This project isn't dead by any means, so keep checking back.

Wow... I'm such a slacker

I just checked in on this blog, after not having posted for quite some time. It occurred to me when I checked the front page that I didn't update this space at all when we went to see Panic at the Disco in Columbus, OH in May.

May. May!

Wow, I really need to get back on top of this. I'll see if I can't find some pictures of the night, as well as dredging up some memories of the night so I can give an accurate (enough) account of what went on.